FT Victoria Champagne Glass 17cl/6oz

192 x 61mm (H x Dia)

Material spec: Tempered Glass

Victoria is a highly versatile collection that enhances your dining experience. Whether by the glass or by the bottle, Victoria is ideal for casual and fine dining. The Victoria Collections versatility increases efficiency in your hotel or restaurant and creates a dynamic table setting. This range offers you the assurance that comes with the internationally recognized quality of Vicrila.
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Ex VAT: £3.78
Product Care:
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Rim & Foot Warranty
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  • Dishwasher safe - strong and durable, shock tested and capable of industrial dishwasher cycles, while maintaining clarity
  • Durable and consistent level of quality manufactured glass with excellent clarity
  • Heat resistant - thermal shock tested and resistant to 135C and can withstand changes in temperature from hot to cold.
  • Rim to foot tempered - fully tempered glasses are resistant to mechanical shocks, extending the life of the product by five times, compared with non tempered glass ranges.
  • Safety - should a glass break due to an excessive blow, a tempered glass will break into small pieces, making it safer to use within the hospitality industry than a non tempered glass.
  • Seamless flame polished stem - no seam between the bowl and stem, ensuring a more enjoyable drinking experience and an aesthetically pleasing glass.
  • Sheer rim - sheer rim glasses feature a fine and beadless edge which has been produced to give optimal contact with the mouth enabling wine to be directed to specific tasting areas.
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