Branta Champagne Flute 17.5cl/6.2oz

233 x 65mm (H x Dia)

Material spec: Crystalline Glass

The Branta Champagne Flute is beautifully crafted from Lead Free Titanium Crystal Glass, which adds toughness and chip resistance, making it able to withstand the rigours of busy bars, re
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Dishwasher Safe
Rim & Foot Warranty
Sheer Rim
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  • A heat treated toughened rim improves chip resistance
  • Durable and consistent level of quality manufactured glass with excellent clarity
  • Perfectly polished transition from bowl to stem
  • Produced using lead free crystalline material especially developed for the food service industry
  • Rim and foot chip guarantee offers quality assurance and peace of mind
  • Sheer rim - sheer rim glasses feature a fine and beadless edge which has been produced to give optimal contact with the mouth enabling wine to be directed to specific tasting areas.
  • Titanium within the material provides additional strength and durability
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